Announcing David Martineau's Departure as Executive Director of NCCJ St. Louis

An announcement from David Martineau,
Executive Director of NCCJ St. Louis

I’m in my tenth amazing year at NCCJ St. Louis; the last five of them I’ve spent as Executive Director. This period has been a valuable time of learning, partnership, and growth, both for me and for the organization, and I am deeply to the mission of the organization. It is with a mix of emotions that I share with you that I am moving on from NCCJ. 

The decision was not easy; in fact, I was not looking to leave. But opportunity knocked, and I have accepted a new position as the Director of Product Design & Innovation at the David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I am excited about the challenges and opportunities that this next chapter of my career will hold, and I am happy that, with this move, my partner, my son, and I will be closer to our family. 

My excitement and happiness are tempered with other feelings. I am sad to say goodbye to the talented Staff and FaciliTrainers who have made working at NCCJ so enriching and rewarding. I am grateful for the faith and support this dedicated Board of Directors has shown me in my role. I am confident in the continued impact of NCCJ’s work with our organizational partners, whose efforts to address inclusion, equity, and social justice are making real differences in their corners of the community. 

I am proud of what we have been able to do together, and I am so honored to have been able to lead this incredible organization. I believe that we have laid a foundation for what is yet to be, and that you will continue the work of transforming St. Louis and the region into a better place for allof us, not just some of us. Thank you. 

A Statement from Alice Conway,
Chair of NCCJ St. Louis's Board of Directors

On behalf of the Board of Directors of NCCJ St. Louis, I am sad to announce David Martineau’s departure as Executive Director, effective August 3, 2018. Since 2009, Dave has played a critical role in the development and success of the organization, and while we will miss him and his inspiring leadership, we wish him the best of luck in his new endeavor.

We want to thank him for the past 10 years of dedicated service, during which he has built a fiscally sound organization that delivers high quality, serious education to the region. His ability to innovate and grow new models of programming, like the Inclusion Institutes, and FaciliTrainer Certification, and to increase our fundraising efforts and community partnerships, means that he is leaving NCCJ St. Louis in a solid place to move into the future.   

As a Board, we are focused on seizing this transition as an opportunity for NCCJ to grow upon this firm foundation. Our first task is to support our staff and partners so that we can continue to bring our programs to the region. We have opened communication with many to ensure stability in carrying out our mission. The next task is to identify and name interim leadership for the organization. Next week, a transition team of the Board will meet to review and consider a number of candidates and proposals, and to decide who will lead NCCJ through the transition. Look for that announcement next week. Once transitional leadership is in place, the Board of NCCJ St. Louis will undertake a search to find a new Executive Director to lead NCCJ. 

Again, we cannot thank Dave enough for the dedication, passion, enthusiasm and motivation he has given NCCJ St. Louis. He will be greatly missed by the staff, Board, members and partners alike. We look forward to following the success of his career, and we are hopeful and excited for the next chapter of NCCJ’s storied history as we continue to support our community in the important work to further inclusion, equity, and social justice.