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Anytown Youth Leadership Institute. Dismantling Racism Institute. Inclusion Institute for Healthcare. For 25 years now, NCCJ St. Louis has brought some of the most powerful and most impactful programs addressing our differences to the region.

In 2011, NCCJ St. Louis added the FaciliTrainer Certification Program (FTCP) to its stable of programs. Working closely with Columbia Public Schools and Washington University School of Medicine, the FTCP was designed to build the capacity to design and deliver powerful educational programming within organizations, assisting leadership in sustaining and expanding their internal inclusion and equity efforts. Completion of the FTCP confers the designation Certified Diversity FaciliTrainer (CDFT). This credential recognizes the intensive preparation candidates’ receive on the theory and practice of social justice education. Cohort 9 will finish their five-month process in June, at a capstone retreat. During this retreat, candidates will demonstrate their skills by delivering workshops of their own design for their peers.

Superintendent of Columbia Public Schools, Peter Stiepleman, is completing Cohort 9. He joins a group of certified CPS educators and administrators in a process that began under his predecessor. In expressing his enthusiasm for the program, Peter stated, “The Columbia Public Schools believes in Achievement, Enrichment, and Opportunity. These are three words that refer to access. Access to a great teacher (Achievement), access to music, art, athletics, etc. (Enrichment), and access to school - think differently about discipline and no more pay-for-play (Opportunity). The ONLY way we will make significant improvements to our district's culture is to invest in equity training. At this point, we have over 40 trainers. They're teachers and leaders who help their colleagues understand how our identities influence how we see the world and how the world sees us.”  Additionally, he noted, “We have seen a significant decrease in out of school suspensions for all student groups and we're beginning to see a willingness to have difficult conversations around race, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and ability. We've begun the work and we have so much more to do still!”

When Cohort 9 graduates, they will join a cadre of more than 100 already certified FaciliTrainers, representing local colleges, hospital systems, corporations, nonprofits, and school districts.  Cohort 10 begins in June, and is contracted by SSMHealth to certify 20 people internal FaciliTrainers. Cohort 11 is enrolling for this fall, beginning with the Inclusion Institute opening retreat September 14-16. For more information, read more about on our website, email us at ftcp@nccjstl.org or call us at (314) 432-2525.