People of Good Will Can Do Better.

We at NCCJ St. Louis mourn the violent loss of life we have seen this week. The shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile and now five police officers in Dallas have devastated and traumatized so many of us. Already we are witnessing instances of the polarized response common after such tragedies, rooted in and reflecting our legacy of racism. We urge the community to come together to act and uproot this legacy.

"People of good will can do better."

President Obama spoke these words yesterday, pressing us to have a greater sense of urgency to implement reforms that will address racial disparities in law enforcement—averting tragedies like those we saw in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Dallas—while also supporting effective crime-fighting and promoting safer communities. As we have for 85 years, NCCJ calls on us to regard one another as people of good will—across all of our differences—so that we can work together to do better for our communities.