Today is GiveSTLDay!

Dear friends and followers of NCCJ St. Louis,

GiveSTLDay is TODAY, which means that you have the opportunity to truly get the most out of a donation to support NCCJ St. Louis and our work with youth at Anytown for inclusion and equity across the region. With your support, we will be able to provide more scholarships for young people to attend this amazing and life changing Summer institute.

$10= one youth to one ALLY meeting
$50= one young person to ALLY for an entire semester
$100= one event to have youth voices heard by broader community
$150= one day of Anytown for one student for skills in making social change

Join us TODAY for the largest event in giving history! Help us to build a better community for all of us, not just some of us. 

Today, Tuesday, May 3β€”St. Louis Community Foundation will be celebrating year 3 of Give STL Day, a community-wide, 24-hour online fundraising event that motivates generous St. Louisans to support local charities. 

Go to to support NCCJ St. Louis!

Pay attention to these time slots to make the most of your GiveSTLDay donation!  Click the link for more information!

20 Minute "Lifts"
Matching Funds Available
6-6:20 am or pm
10-10:20 am
12-12:20 pm
11-11:20 pm 

Prize-Winning Hours
NCCJ Saint Louis can win $1,000
2-3 am or pm
5-6 am or pm
8-9 am or pm
11 pm -12 am