We are still accepting applications for Delegates for Anytown!

Do you know a young person who could benefit from attending Anytown? Send them our way!

Anytown brings together high school students from around St. Louis to learn how to make their school environments more accepting and welcoming for all students. We’ve been in St. Louis for 21 years and have trained thousands of students to tap into their natural leadership skills to improve their school climate. Anytown is a great way to train students to do just that. 

This year will mark the 25th Anytown Youth Leadership Institute, Anytown always has the goal to bring high school students together across difference to receive leadership training and increase their self-awareness around issues of diversity and inclusion. Anytown is a one-week residential program for students between the ages of 15 & 18, hosted on UMSL's campus. Participants discuss different forms of oppression (for example, racism & sexism) and how they can be leaders in their community to stop oppression and discrimination from continuing. Not only do students get a sense of what an equitable leader looks and acts like, but also builds on their self-esteem through ownership of their individual identities. 

Date of Institute:
July 10-17th

Application Deadline:
April 11th

$1300 per student (includes room and board along with ALLY follow-up program, which is optional to Anytown graduates and meets every other weekend for 2 hours)
Some Scholarships are available – please talk with Stefani for more details



(brochure, application, frequently asked questions, and a video are all on our website)

Anytown Youth Leadership Institute – St. Louis


Program Director’s Information:
Stefani Weeden-Smith
314-432-2525 x 101