Inclusion Institute for Healthcare (IIH)

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Despite the Physician's Oath, there are many times when biases—and behaviors, policies, and practices—affect the quality of health and medical care of many people, even if unintentionally. This contributes to the differences in health status for people from different social groups, based on gender, sex, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, class, education level, ability status, geographic location (neighborhood, rural/urban/ suburban), etc... Evidence grows that these disparities exist, and the American College of Physicians states there is “ample evidence illustrating that minorities do not always receive the same quality of health care, do not have the same access to health care, are less represented in the health professions, and have poorer overall health status than nonminorities.”

The Inclusion Institute for Healthcare helps people understand and address these diversity and healthcare issues in a way that ignites real and meaningful change.

I will not permit considerations of religion, nationality, race, party politics, social standing, or sexual orientation to intervene between my duty and my patient.
— The Physician's Oath, adopted by the World Medical Association as the Declaration of Geneva

In the IIH, we explore how the groups we belong to shape our experiences, how we see the world, and how this can impact our work with and care for others. For instance, when working with people from different groups, many people find it difficult to communicate effectively, which can contribute to the quality of care provided. In the IIH, we develop skills to help participants to communicate effectively and advance cultural competence. It is a proactive approach for healthcare providers to address health disparities and cultural sensitivity, which is considered a crucial skill in the healthcare sector. The Affordable Care Act and the standards issued by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations stress the importance of having highly trained healthcare professionals who are able to effectively coordinate the care of their patients. 


Institute Overview

The IIH is a powerful three-day full-immersion, residential training workshop followed by two days of professional development. This unique community building retreat allows participants to discuss diversity and healthcare with colleagues and leaders in the field. The IIH adapts NCCJ's core curriculum—developed over many years with community leaders, teachers, and youth leaders—to the healthcare sector in order to educate healthcare professionals on ways in which they can improve their cultural competency and build effective communication skills.

The Skills You Will Gain

The IIH has been designed with the flexibility to benefit a wide variety of healthcare professionals. Participants in the IIH will:

  • Explore how identity and culture shape experiences in the healthcare sector
  • Learn how identity and culture underlie situations that often go unnoticed in healthcare workplaces
  • Communicate with people from diverse identities and cultures about diversity, difference, and healthcare
  • Practice skills to identify when identity and culture influence situations and take action to positively impact patient experiences

Become Involved with the IIH

NCCJ contracts with healthcare organizations to bring the IIH to their employees. For more information, contact us.