Inclusion Institute for Educators

Like NCCJ's other institutes, the Inclusion Institute for Educators (IIE) is a full-immersion, retreat style workshop. Spanning five days, the IIE was first delivered in 2001 as the Dismantling Racism Institute for Educators. In 2008, we changed the name to better reflect our focus on the intersections of multiple identities.

This unique community-building retreat allows participants to discuss diversity, inclusion, and equity in education with colleagues and leaders in the field. The IIE applies NCCJ's core curriculum to the education sector, helping them on the path toward culturally responsive education practice, including effective communication skills and strategies for curriculum enhancement.

The Skills You Will Gain

The IIE has been designed with the flexibility to benefit a wide variety of educational professionals, from senior administrators to support staff. 

Participants in the IIE will:

  • Explore how identity and culture shape experiences in school
  • Learn how identity and culture underlie situations that often go unnoticed in schools
  • Communicate with people from diverse identities and cultures about diversity and difference
  • Practice skills to identify when identity and culture influence situations and take action to positively impact the experiences of staff, parents, and students.

Become Involved with the IIE

NCCJ St. Louis contracts with schools to bring the IIE to their employees. For more information, contact us

Click here to read about how NCCJ has worked with other organizations, including Columbia Public Schools.