COHORT 15: fall 2019

Inclusion Institute:
October 3-5

October 25 & 26; November 22 & 23; December 6 & 7

January 23-25, 2020

FTCP prepares individuals from a wide variety of fields (e.g. educators, healthcare professionals, corporate diversity and inclusion specialists, non-profit professionals, etc.) with the essential skills to facilitate dialog around and train others on diversity, equity and inclusion content. The FTCP builds internal capacity for organizations to move from mere awareness of diversity to deep and lasting change that creates a truly inclusive and equitable community for employees and constituents.

*Facilitrainer is NCCJ St. Louis’ term for those who have earned their CDFT Credential: a term to represent the person’s ability to facilitate dialog and train on content.


Each FTCP cohort accommodates up to 24 individuals and comprises over 100 hours of training, divided into three components: an Inclusion Institute (II), Training-of-Trainers (ToT) workshops, and the Peer Workshop Capstone. The FTCP process is intensive and designed for people who plan and lead diversity, equity and inclusion learning opportunities in their organization.


A three-day, two-night retreat experience of NCCJ’s full-immersion diversity, equity and inclusion training program for adults. Our multi-identity approach to diversity, equity and inclusion provides an unparalleled learning experience for participants to create more inclusive organizations and demonstrates the intersectionality of systemic discrimination and bias in our society.

On this retreat, the participants do their "own work" to understand and overcome personal conscious and unconscious bias, learn about experiences of others with different identities (e.g. racial, gender, sexual identity, socio-economic), and work to bridge differences. Participants will learn how, with love and concern, to critically view the world around them.

Come and the see the world with a new lens!

Please note: attendance for each day of the retreat is required.


Six day-long workshops spread out over several weeks that provide participants the theory, skills, and practice around diversity, equity and inclusion training. When completed, participants will have the skills needed to develop and deliver powerful educational opportunities to their organizations. Specific skills that will be addressed include:

  • navigate different perspectives

  • workshop development

  • create psychological safety

  • facilitate dialog

  • train on theoretical content

  • use narratives and stories to help the learning process

  • understand interpersonal, societal and institutional dynamics of oppression

  • and more!

Participants become diversity, equity and inclusion subject matter experts and have the tools necessary to move their organizations toward a more inclusive, welcoming community and environment.

(Attendance at all sessions is required but make up sessions can be rescheduled if needed – please advise availability when you apply)


This final component of the learning process is a three-day, two-night retreat experience. Here the participants will have the opportunity to showcase what hey have learned. They will answer questions on the core program content covered during the FTCP and co-lead a demonstration workshop of their own design. The structure of the capstone allows participants to receive valuable feedback from their peers and instructors.

the promise

Taken together, the three components of the Facilitrainer Certification Program will help you be more successful in delivering diversity, equity and inclusion content. You will be better equipped to facilitate dialog and difficult conversations. Finally, you will recognize the need for change and advocate for it.

Register yourself for an upcoming cohort or contact us for more information!


The cost to register for the FTCP is $3,950. This price includes all tuition, fees, and materials, as well as room & board for the Inclusion Institute and the Capstone Retreat, and lunch/snacks at the ToT workshops.


Completing the FTCP makes you eligible to use the CDFT (Certified Diversity FaciliTrainer)™ credential, provided your certification is in good standing. Click to find out more.