Certified Diversity FaciliTrainer (CDFT)™

NCCJ St. Louis awards the CDFT (Certified Diversity FaciliTrainer)™ credential to those who complete a rigorous certification process. This process prepares candidates to assess, design and deliver effective, quality diversity and social justice education programs for others. The initial CDFT certification is valid for three years following successful completion of the FaciliTrainer Certification Program (FTCP). CDFT certification is maintained via a process of continuing education, practice, reflection, and demonstration described via the [FaciliTrainer Recertification Process].

The Benefit of FaciliTrainer ™ Certification

Educational programs that address diversity, inclusion, and equity (“diversity training”) are often delivered to help students, employees, and leaders effectively work across differences in their corner of the community (school, workplace, neighborhood). These programs can be important opportunities to change participants’ hearts, minds, and behavior, but they are more or less effective due to a number of factors. Many of these factors are a function of the skills of the person leading the program (the “trainer” or “facilitator”).

Certified FaciliTrainers match their passion for diversity and inclusion issues with a rigorous process that prepares them to assess, design, and deliver serious education that bridges difference. FaciliTrainers are prepared both to train on content that participants need to know about diversity and to facilitate the process by which participants encounter that new information. The process/content model engages participants where they are, works with resistance that naturally arises when confronting diversity and the isms, and helps move participants along the path toward being an ally.  

Certified FaciliTrainers are practiced in the theories, activities, and skills that NCCJ St. Louis has used and refined over 25 years, delivering its celebrated education programs, including Anytown Youth Leadership Institute, the Dismantling Racism Institute, the Inclusion Institutes, and the Building Inclusive Communities workshops.


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