Anytown Faculty

Staff applications for Anytown, our summer youth leadership institute, are posted by the beginning of each calendar year on the Anytown page , and are due at the beginning of March. For more information about Anytown, please contact Ro Kicker at ro@nccjstl.org  or by phone 314-432-2525, ext 103.

Consulting FaciliTrainers

NCCJ St. Louis prepares skilled trainers and facilitators as contract employees to help deliver its programs, workshops, and dialogues. We refer to these folks as FaciliTrainers, because they both train on content and facilitate the process in which participants learn that content. Candidates generally participate in the FaciliTrainer Certification Program at a rate subsidized by future service to NCCJ program delivery.

For information on becoming a FacilTrainer with NCCJ, please contact David Martineau, MSW, at david@nccjstl.org or 314-432-2525, ext. 100.