Inclusion and diversity are 21st Century business imperatives. Global competition for market share, customers and employees continues to grow. 

  • By the year 2050 there will be no racial or ethnic majority in the United States because of the growth we are experiencing today among minority populations. 
  • New immigrants; persons with disabilities; and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) population offer growth opportunities for business as they become more visible and valued components of the United States landscape.  
  • Small businesses are becoming increasingly more diverse. 

With these changing demographics and the globalization of the market place, people have more choices than ever for where they choose to live, work and conduct business. Success in the St. Louis business community will, in part, be determined by our ability attract individuals from diverse backgrounds to choose to live here, work here, and conduct business here. 

NCCJ has a long history of helping the St. Louis region become a more inclusive and welcoming community. We have worked with corporate and small business partners to deliver our Building Inclusive Companies workshops (and its antecedent, America's Advantage) to help prepare them for this 21st Century imperative. 

We offer an array of customizable programs and services to help St. Louis businesses become more competitive.  We partner with the business community to help them attract new business, avoid perceptions of bias and discrimination, and to respond effectively when issues of diversity do arise.