Certified Diversity FaciliTrainer (CDFT) Recertification

The three-year certification maintenance cycle begins at the completion of your FaciliTrainer program. The re-certification cycle will run from the date of training completion indicated on the certificate you will have received and expire at the end of the third year following certification (i.e. for those certified in Sept. 2012, the expiration date or end of the third year after certification is achieved is December 31, 2015.) This ending time period will always run to December 31st of the expiring year. Recertification is accomplished by a series of activities and workshops focused on use of the knowledge and skills, and documentation provided to NCCJ to ensure active engagement. The categories of activities needed for recertification are described in detail below, and a summary is as follows: 

ExperiencesHow OftenWhat is Necessary
Category 1 - Doing
FaciliTrainer Engagement Report Every FacilitationFill out online form each time
FaciliTrainer Service/NCCJ Events12 hours over 3 yearsKeep personal record
Category 2 - Growing
NCCJ Trainings18 hours over 3 yearsKeep personal record
Outside Trainings12 hours over 3 yearsKeep personal record
Category 3 - Reviewing
Recertification RetreatThe last in-service year 3Facilitate a workshop
Self-Assessment/Praxis packetAt the end of the 3 yearsComplete reflection essay & Compile personal records

Category 1 - Documented Experience of FaciliTrainer Service

This category is intended to provide a record of the engagements one has partaken in as a FaciliTrainer since certification to ensure the use of skills gained from FTCP.

  • FaciliTrainer Engagement Report (online). Filled out per facilitation, NCCJ has an online form where each facilitator will record their facilitation experience, whether through an NCCJ program, the FaciliTrainer’s place of business, or another organization. This allows NCCJ to keep track of the reach of facilitations, e.g., hours, numbers of people, demographics, etc., and also is a mechanism for the FaciliTrainer to reflect.

  • FaciliTrainer Service to NCCJ Events. Over the course of the three years, the FaciliTrainer will dedicate 12 hours of support for NCCJ St. Louis's dialogues, workshops and institutes (e.g., Grow What You Know, IIH, IIE, Interrupting /Dismantling Racism, etc.).

Category 2 Continuous Education & Training

This category is intended to ensure continued growth in competencies, knowledge, and skills. The FacilTrainers will keep personal records of the hours and topics to include in the re-certification information.

  • NCCJ St. Louis In-service Training. NCCJ will offer, at minimum, quarterly in-service opportunities open to all FaciliTrainers. Over the course of 3 years, NCCJ expects at least 18 hours of training for recertification.

  • Outside In-service Training. Over course of 3 years, NCCJ expects FaciliTrainers to attend 12 hours of training related to identity, inclusion, equity, and justice from other organizations (i.e. can include workshops, brown bags, conferences, and sector-specific training offered by your workplace or professional networks).

Category 3 Synthesis & Demonstration

  • Recertification Retreat. A recertification daylong retreat will be held during the last quarter of each year. The Recertification Retreat will include some form of skill demonstration and opportunity for feedback for those whose recertification is expiring, as well as an opportunity for networking and co-learning among NCCJ’s certified and consulting FaciliTrainers.

  • Praxis and Self-Assessment Packet. Each FaciliTrainer will submit a packet for recertification that includes a written reflection on their use of skills in practice, and assessment of their major areas of learning, action, and growth.

Maintaining NCCJ St. Louis certification as a FaciliTrainer ensures the capacity to adhere to our methods for engaging people in the work, and communicates to our partner agencies the competencies within our FaciliTrainers to effectively support their internal inclusion and equity initiatives. Recertification also keeps our FaciliTrainers networked with others on the leading edge of serious education that bridges differences and changes systems.


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