Building Inclusive Companies Workshops

Click here to download a .pdf brochure.

Click here to download a .pdf brochure.

The Building Inclusive Companies (BIC) workshop series is a customizable set of modules to address the specific needs related to diversity in the workplace. Workshops can range from four to sixteen hours, and can be delivered consecutively or broken into half-day sessions. Workshop modules include:

1. Why Diversity Matters

This prerequisite module sets the stage for all of the other modules in the series, and can be paired with any of the following in a half-day workshop. Participants will be introduced to the values and basic assumptions that influence this approach to diversity and inclusion and the specific modules that make up the Building Inclusive Companies workshop series. Participants will also spend time exploring how they can create a safe space for all participants to actively participate. Finally, this module will help participants understand why Diversity and Inclusion is important in their day-to-day work experience.

2. Identifying Barriers to Inclusion

This module gives participants a framework for understanding how privilege and oppression impact people within society and within a given organization before specific action is taken to help ensure that everyone is treated fairly. This segment will help participants understand why it is important for organizations to provide training and develop policies and procedures to help ensure fair treatment for all.

3. Hidden Influence

This module explores the hidden messages that we have been bombarded with since birth that impact how we view and interact with others on an unconscious level. Participants are empowered to take control of how these messages influence them in the future, which helps to increase a sense of inclusion within a company and reduces the likelihood of unconscious bias negatively impacting the bottom line.

4. Microaggressions

This module helps participants recognize the patterns of predictable behavior that individuals engage in that cause offense to others. These behaviors are often seen as benign to the person committing the act but are seen as insensitive, insulting assaults on the recipient of the action. This module will help participants recognize these actions for what they are and help the person committing the acts adjust their behavior and help those on the receiving end respond in productive ways.


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