Building Inclusive Communities Workshops

With the goal of Building Inclusive Communities (BIC), NCCJ St. Louis has created a daylong BIC Introductory Workshop that provides awareness-building through short presentations, experiential activities, reflection and dialogue. This workshop is periodically offered to the community as an open-enrollment workshop, and is also contracted by organizations to bring onsite for their employees.

NCCJ also tailors the BIC Introductory Workshop for various sectors of the community (e.g., Building Inclusive Campuses, Building Inclusive Classrooms, Building Inclusive Companies). We also offer modules that build on the BIC Introductory Workshops, addressing individual identities (e.g., race) or specific topics (e.g., microaggressions) of interest to our clients. 

The Skills You Will Gain 

You will develop an awareness of yourself in the process of socialization and your role in breaking down oppressive systems. You will walk away from the day with a greater understanding about how to make a real difference in your family, school, job, community, and your own life. 

Change Begins With You 

We will practice effective communication skills and build knowledge and awareness around issues of race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, class, ability, age, religion, and appearance. 

Becoming Involved With The BIC

To find out about upcoming dates or about bringing the BIC Workshops to your organization, click here to email Dewitt Campbell or call him at (314) 432-2525, ext. 101.