FaciliTrainer Certification Program:
Earn Your CDFT Credential™

The FaciliTrainer Certification Program (FTCP) bridges cultural competence, social justice and the development of skills needed to teach others about diversity, social identities, equity, and social justice. It builds awareness of how experiences shape participants' biases and interactions, building relationships among participants from diverse identity groups, thus motivating and preparing leaders in educating others about social justice.


The FTCP is comprised of three components: the Inclusion Institute (II), the Training-of-Trainers (ToT), and Peer Workshop Capstone.

  • Inclusion Institutes (II) are NCCJ’s full-immersion, retreat-style training programs for adults. The Inclusion Institutes tailor our core social justice content and provide an unparalleled experience for those taking the lead for more inclusive settings. The Inclusion Institute is a three-day retreat and is usually scheduled to run Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
  • Training-of-Trainer (ToT) is the component that provides the theory, skills, and experience to create and lead effective workshops back in the candidates’ own organizations, helping them to reach others about diversity, inclusion & social justice. The ToT involves 6 daylong workshops that take place over a span of 3 to 4 months.
  • Peer Workshop Capstone Retreat represents the final component of the process, and is an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate and receive feedback on their skills as a FaciliTrainer. The Peer Workshop Capstone is a three-day retreat and typically runs on a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.


Those who complete the FTCP are eligible to use the CDFT (Certified Diversity FaciliTrainer)™ credential, provided their certification is in good standing. Information on the recertification process can be found below.


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